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Sometimes, the weather gets pretty hot, and ordinary fans don't produce the cooling effect you need. The best option in such situations is to use a misting fan. Luckily, misting fans come in varying sizes.

You can opt to pick up a portable hand-held personal water mister or go for a bigger water mister, depending on the area you want to be cooled. At Cool Off, we have some of the best portable misting systems for your home and office needs.

“The OASIS” 12-Volt Rechargeable Portable Mist Cooling System

Cool-Off’s “The Oasis” portable misting system is the most versatile misting system available currently. The portable water mister was developed with mobility in mind making it suitable for office and home use. The system's portability allows easy movement to any office area that needs cooling from the heat.


What’s Contained in a Package of “the Oasis” 12-Volt Rechargeable Portable Mist Cooling System?

The package comes with 20 misting nozzles, 10-feet of inlet feeder hose tubes, 50 feet of tubings, mid pressure pump (200 psi), 6-inch hexaphosphate filter, 1 tee, 4 elbows, plugs, tube cutters, and 1 coupling. You can set up this portable misting system within a few minutes.

How Long can the System Last at a Stretch?

The system is a 12-volt battery-powered mister that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. It does not require a constant water supply to work. It comes with an eight-gallon tank to cool an area continuously for 3 to 4 hours.

How Much Cooling Does the System Offer?

The water mister can reduce the temperature in an area by 250. In a very dry or hot office environment, this can make the difference between life and death. It also means it is useful for emergency cooling in a humid environment. 

Does it Work in Areas with High Humidity?

Yes, it works well whether the humidity is high or low, as long as the battery is fully charged and there's water in the tank.

“Super Oasis” 25 Gallon Portable Misting System

 If you’re looking for a portable misting system with a longer run time, the super oasis 25-gallon portable misting system is your best bet. The system comes with a 2.1 GPM diaphragm pressure pump (65 psi). Its 12-inch heavy-duty wheels make it very mobile and eliminate the need to lift it off the ground before moving it.

The system has several pressure options you can choose from. The high-pressure system comes with either a 40', 60', 80, or 100' high-pressure misting system kit, while the mid pressure system comes with either 40' or 50' mid pressure system kits.


How Long Does it Last at a Go?

With its water tank filled up, the system lasts up to 8 hours at a stretch, providing you with extended cooling time. However, it is not rechargeable, implying that it requires electricity to work.

Can it Work in an Open Area?

Yes. The system was specifically designed for use during outdoor activities like sports and other projects.

You no longer have to endure the discomfort that comes with dry and hot weather. Choose from any of our portable misting systems. Call us or shop now at cool-off.com for the best misting systems.


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